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We Love Feedback!

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Constantly trying to improve and continuing to provide the best service we can for our customers is a top goal for us. While we understand companies are very busy, it is always nice when one of our customers takes time out of their busy schedule to provide feedback on a job one of our techs has completed for them. By receiving feedback we can see where we our strengths are as well as our weaknesses and where we can improve. Below is an e-mail one of our customers took the time to write up about one of our techs, Steve.

I wanted to thank you for going above and beyond to help us get the paperwork in for the job. I know I was asking a lot and yet you came through for us. I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate it and how much it helped salvage a negative situation. Steve called me Saturday morning. It was the first time I had “met” him and I want you to know that he was delightful to work with and so accommodating. I know he was in great pain yet he was cheerful and funny and just a pleasure. Whenever I apologized for the intrusion and thanked him for doing this he said several times that it was his/your job to take care of us and our customer and he was happy to do it. I can only hope my staff would make the same type of comments that reflect so well on your company and the culture you have established. We always enjoy working with Phillips and appreciate all you do. You all jumped  in to make it happen and Steve was great. This was beyond a normal request with difficult circumstances and you all accommodated us and made life much easier. If there were stronger words than “THANK YOU” I would certainly use them.”

Way to go Steve!! Also, thanks to our customer, Lin, for taking the time to write this review! Please contact us and let our of our amazing technicians come out and help today! We work on Avaya, Nortel, Cisco, and many, many more!


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