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We Help with Older Phone Systems!

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We are a company that understands the value of a dollar and what it takes for your company to make it! Phillips Telecommunications is a Veteran-Owned company that provides big company services with small company customer service. When you call to speak to us, you do not get a recording, you reach a live person who is ready to assist you any way we can! While we cannot always promise we are able to provide the service you need, we do provide many services that larger companies consider a waste of their time.
One service we encourage and readily provide is to maintain or repair an older phone system. Often times, larger companies will try to sell you a whole new phone system instead of fixing your current one. Although there are times when your system may no longer be worth the cost to repair, we understand the investment needed to install a whole new system. Give us a call today, chances are we service whatever make and model phones you have!


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