Telecommunications, telephone system, office phone system Is Your Telecom. Room Running at its Best?

Is Your Telecom. Room at its Best?

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The chances are your business has a special room dedicated to keeping the heart of its phone system running. Although it is unlikely this phone room is seen by customers it is still very important to keep this room running at its best! Messy wiring, temperature, unclean environment, and other factors can all affect how efficiently the phone system works.
Does the wiring in your phone room look like this?

This not only looks bad, but can cost the company a significant amount of money in the long run. When the phone room is unorganized and wiring is obstructed by other objects or the wiring itself is in chaos it requires phone technicians a significant amount to complete their job as they may have to be moving objects out of their way or finding wires and tracing them through the mess. These added hours by a phone technician quickly add up to a larger bill for the customer. At Phillips Telecommunications we are proud of the work we do and would love the opportunity to reorganize your phone room. We encountered the above phone room and turned it around to look like this…

Another factor that can greatly affect the functionality of a phone system is the temperature of the room it is housed in. Ideally, telecom. rooms should be kept around 68-71 degrees F. Temperatures above or below this can cause the system to shut down and will often cause serious damage. Also associated with temperature is humidity. Humidity should be monitored in the phone room and kept consistent as well. Simple devices can quickly be installed in a phone room to help keep track of the temperature and humidity and reduce the risk of major damage occurring to the phone system.
As air circulates in a phone room to keep it at its ideal temperature it also circulates dust. Dust can build up on certain components of a phone system and cause it to not get the required air circulation to keep cool thus overheating as discussed above and shutting the system down with a potential for serious damage. Simple, routine cleaning is an easy way to prevent this from happening and should be included in the maintenance plan for keeping a phone room running at its best.
While phone systems can be affected by these factors in major ways, each of these factors is preventable. Let Phillips come out and tell you about the actions we can take to help maintain, repair, and organize your company’s telecom. room to save you money today!


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