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Call Forwarding

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Different companies have different requirements when it comes to what their needs out of a phone system are. Some rely very heavily on voicemail while others do not even want voicemail set up at all. One feature that can be very helpful for almost any company is call forwarding. Call forwarding allows calls made to one number to be sent to another number or extensions that you set. This feature comes in handy in instances such as employee vacation, working from home, after hour support, and sick days just to name a few! Any reason an employee isn’t in their office or is away from their desk is a good time to use call forwarding. It is easy to activate or deactivate and can be done at any time. Although the process of forwarding calls can vary between different phone systems, it is almost always a quick and simple process with many benefits to be had. Give us a call and let us walk you through the process of forwarding phones for your company or have us come out and train your employees on how to work this feature!


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